Spiritual Growth Series


Have you ever thought to consider just how hungry and thirsty you really are? I find myself in these times desperate for something to eat and drink to take away these uneasy feelings happening inside of me. I have come to see, though, that just as my physical body hungers and thirsts, so does my spirit man. The food I am eating doesn’t seem to fill all of me. My spirit has been craving something deeper, something that last more than just a few minutes on the lips and a lifetime on the hips. And perhaps this is the same craving you have been having. It is easy to fill our bodies with food because we know we need to. Our survival depends on it. Yet we must not neglect our spirits, for they too depend on food and drink. So then we must ask of ourselves, do we desire to taste and see just how good God really is. It is time to fill your stomach with God’s goodness. It is time to drink deep of His water. It is time to indulge in God.


Have you ever thought to consider just how out of alignment you may be? Back in 2008, I began to experience some real intense moments of pain in my back. The pain grew to the point where I eventually had to visit a chiropractor. Not until I reviewed the x-rays with the doctor did I realize just how far out of alignment my back had become. Throughout the Bible we read accounts of men and women that God placed in positions of leadership. But these leaders didn’t just rise up overnight. There were tests and moments of training that each needed to pass before he or she could be placed in their leadership position. For some, they would eventually become leaders in their community, for others in their workplace. Still others held leadership positions in the church or in the home. Yet for each they had to visit the heavenly Chiropractor, lie down on His table, and allow Him to re-align them for leadership. So how about it? Are you ready to lie down on the table and let Him do His work on you? Are you ready to let Him align you in your trouble spots and pain points of community, work, church, and home? 



Have you ever tried to put a 500 piece puzzle together only to find out you don’t have all the pieces? You know that feeling of frustration I’m talking about, right? You have all the corners, all the pieces that fit around the border, and all but three pieces to complete the innards.  Sadly enough, our best answer to this situation is, “It’s missing a few pieces. It’s not complete.” Within the body of Christ we find the same scenario. No, not in the aspects of putting a puzzle together, but more so in the aspects of not being complete in the tools God gives us to fight the enemy with. You see, God has provided for us His armor, the Armor of God. The problem is, we are missing a few pieces. They have all been provided, but we are missing them. We are not wearing them. And even more so, the pieces we are wearing, we barely know how to use. God says in his Word to put on the whole armor of God so that when the enemy comes we are able to stand (Eph 6:11). The truth in this is that the enemy is real, he hates those who love God, and he will come to attack those who do. 


Stop looking at yourself in the mirror of the world and instead look at yourself in the mirror of God's Word

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